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Beyond the Trend: Authentic Approaches to Foster Diversity in Open Source

45 minutes


Open source is only possibly through open collaboration, and collaboration is only successful through open-mindedness to new and different perspectives. Yet, there are still many challenges when it comes to diversity in open source. How do we intentionally diversify while still being genuine? What can we do to make it feel authentic and not just like we are filling quotas? Join this talk to learn how to avoid common pitfalls of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts with concrete examples that can be implemented right away, and get a new perspective in diversifying open source, as Jessica shares her journey as a blind woman in tech.

We will dive into how we make our project, team, or workplace more diverse by following a story from someone in multiple minority groups, shedding light on some of the right reasons to diversify with concrete examples that can be efficiently implemented right away.

The speaker

Jessica Tegner

Jessica Tegner

Jessica Tegner is an open-source software developer and computer science student from Denmark who has been a part of the open source world for over 13 years. She is a maintainer of pypandoc, a thin wrapper for the universal document converter pandoc. Being fully blind has not stopped her from working as a software engineer intern at Uber, being a member of the first GitHub Accelerator program or having the opportunity of being a world-conference public speaker.