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Diversity Project: Subtle Introduction of Data Science using Pyroid

30 minutes


Python is a beautiful and unique programming language with a continuously increasing community of users. Though there are various outstanding Python groups, however, the outreach of Python in low income economies is not yet plausible because of the cost of laptops, poor power supply and so on. A multifaceted project embarked on to abridge this gap is adopting Pyroid in Android phones as mobile mini-computational laboratory because of the low cost, low maintenance and low power requirement of these smartphones leading to their growing spread even in these low economies. One of the current project is developing computational Pyroid programmes for data science. Globally data science is lucrative and vast employer of labour that is advancing with increasing power of computing systems: this unfortunately will be alienating low income earners. This is why the purpose of this present talk which is aimed at diversity, accessibility, inclusivity and education is to introduce the foundation of data science using Pyroid by considering how to read data in a variety of formats, clean bad data, retrieve specific values, combine data from different sources and data visualization using the elementary examples we have developed. Indeed it is a crazy project because of the limitation in the computing capability of the Android phones, yet we have continued to promote a special enthusiastic group of smartphones Pythonistas in low income economies including internally displaced persons (IDPs). As in our previous projects, the presentation will make transition from Pyroid to Python straightforward.

The speaker

Godfrey Akpojotor

Godfrey Akpojotor

I am a Professor of Theoretical Physics and current Director of Research and International Programmes at the Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. I have been teaching Computational Physics as well as organizing workshops on Python in Nigeria. I have attended and made presentations at PYCONs including PyCon US (2012 and 2019) and PyCoN Za (2019) and the videos are online. As the need to extend the capability of the QPython and currently Pyroid in the teaching/learning of various fields of science and engineering, I have been engaging collaborators usually eager beginners and students to explore these fields with me. I am current leading a project on the teaching/learning of data science using Pyroid in order to introduce data science to all those who cannot have access to a computer lab or afford their own laptops. These are low income earners in low income economies and therefore our so called crazy project will help to achieve Python accessibility, inclusivity, diversity and education