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Nothing for Us, Without Us; Breaking Unconscious Bias in Building Products

Education, Community & Diversity
South Hall 2B
12:30 on 11 July 2024
30 minutes


Are we really building products that serve everyone, or just a selected few?

As developers, we have responsibility to ensure that our products serve everyone, regardless of their background or identity. However, our unconscious bias often creeps into even the most well-intentioned projects and impacts the way we develop products or engage with communities, leading to unintentional exclusions.

When I first designed a Speech-Text-Analytic app, my focus was to simplify business communication with transcribed audio and valuable insights. However, feedback from the community highlighted it had limitations for diverse users, including those with disabilities who faced inaccurate captions for audio content.

This wake-up call prompted me to improve accessibility and user-friendliness for marginalized groups. And for the same reason, I’m making proactive steps to cater for the marginalized by integrating a feature that recognizes Nigerian native languages.

As tech creators, we have the power to create change, but good intentions alone are not enough. This talk will offer strategies to address unconscious bias in product and community building, while avoiding common pitfalls. Attendees will learn to understand diverse needs & experiences for more inclusive environments.

The speaker

Victor Ogunjobi

Victor Ogunjobi

Victor Ogunjobi is a Data Scientist and Inclusivity Advocate. He currently serves as a Student Ambassador at Code Warriors, a renowned organization that provides comprehensive training and mentorship to aspiring coders.

In addition to his work, Victor actively contributes to the open-source community on GitHub and participates in initiatives that aim to improve the sustainability of open-source software, contributions, and communities. He is passionate about promoting diversity and equity in the tech industry and believes that open-source technology can play a critical role in driving innovation and progress.