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Observability Matters: Empowering Python Developers with OpenTelemetry.

DevOps and Infrastructure (Cloud & Hardware)
North Hall
14:00 on 12 July 2024
30 minutes


Have you seen platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram experiencing downtime? We know how frustrating it might have felt for users, don’t we? To tackle this challenge, engineering teams utilize a variety of tools and practices to thoroughly understand the unexpected behavior of the system by tracing potential bottlenecks. We are living in an ever-growing distributed world, where applications are often segmented into various microservices to enhance agility and performance. This often increases complexity, leading to inevitable issues such as errors and latency. In this dynamic software landscape, Observability is no longer a mere luxury; it is a necessity. Organizations initially gravitate towards a particular tool for its ease of use. Later, after investing a significant amount of time and finances, if they choose to migrate, vendor lock-in becomes a major concern as each tool adheres to its own standards.

However, when we encounter the term observability, our initial instinct is usually to attribute it solely to SRE concerns. Upon closer examination, one may realize that actually implementing observability is, in essence, more aligned with the developer domain. During this session, we will discuss the importance of observability and related challenges from a developer’s perspective. The discussion will cover typical architectures, ranging from the ease of instrumenting our Python code to further data processing and the seamless export of telemetry data for analysis. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of observability and how integrating open-source frameworks like OpenTelemetry promotes effective observability in a vendor-neutral way.

The speaker

Yash Raj Verma

Yash Raj Verma

Yash is a student at the University of Calgary, specializing in Distributed Systems and passionate about Cloud Native technologies. Yash is a performance nerd and likes to talk about Observability and OpenTelemetry project.