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"SUN vs Me : Quest to Outwit the Blinding Sun and Snag Some Extra Z's"

Makers, Microcontrollers and IoT
South Hall 2B
11:35 on 10 July 2024
30 minutes


Join me on the journey of me trying to battle the Sun for a few more precious moments of shut-eye using MQTT and python. As a creature who adores city lights during the night but detests being rudely awakened by the blinding Sun, I embarked on a quest to automate my curtains using Raspberry Pi, stepper motors, light sensors and MQTT. From ingenious ideas to comical mishaps, and eventually stumbling upon a somewhat functional solution, this talk promises laughter, learning, and a peek into the thrillingly world of microprocessor programming with python.

Target Audience:

  • Pythonistas with a penchant for puns and conquering the mundane with code.
  • Aspiring IoT alchemists seeking to turn sensor readings into automated gold (or at least, uninterrupted sleep).
  • Anyone who enjoys learning through laughter and the occasional “print(‘facepalm’)“.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Gain practical knowledge of MQTT and its Pythonic potential.
  • Learn to craft multi-layered solutions that combine sensors, user control, and API integration.
  • Embrace the iterative nature of development and learn to laugh at your code (trust me, it helps).

The speaker

vishrut kohli

vishrut kohli

I’m Vishrut, a 26-year-old Senior Software Engineer at India’s biggest sustainable grocery delivery service. My Python journey kicked off back in college, but it really took flight when I dove into building software for real customers at a massive scale. Python’s been my go-to tech stack for years, and I love to share my learnings of making systems resilient.

Besides wrangling code, I head up the Learning and Development squad in our company. I love running monthly workshops and tutorials on programming stuff. You’ll often catch me hitting up conferences, either speaking or soaking up knowledge as an eager attendee.