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Accessibility at EuroPython

EuroPython ensures that it’s welcoming, accessible and inclusive for all our guests attending the conference. If you have suggestions to improve accessibility, let us know by contacting us at


For enquiries, visit our helpdesk at registration or look for volunteers wearing Yellow conference t-shirt when enquiring about accessibility which includes:

  • Lifts
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Dietary requirements

At main talk rooms, enquire with the session chair before the talks about designated seating, maintaining clear pathways, or other needs.

Lift location

For folks who need to use the lifts to access registration on the 1st floor (or conference on the 2nd floor).

This is the EuroPython entrance.

A picture of the entrace 5 of the PCC

Go through entrance number 5 and the inner doors. Keep on straight ahead past the stairs (on your left) and escalators (on your right).

You arrive at the corridor in 2nd picture.

Corridor after passing the blue display screens

Go to the light at the end of the tunnel in 3rd picture.

head to the end of the corridor

In front of the staircase, turn left.

In front of the staircase turn left

Keep walking until you see the mural and the lift is located there.

The lift

Feeding your child

The conference venue (The Prague Congress Centre) has childcare rooms; they can be used for you to breastfeed your child, should you prefer. Please note, there are no restrictions on where you can breastfeed your child - you are free and welcome to feed your young ones at any place you feel comfortable with.

Dietary Requirements

We aim to meet all dietary requirements specified during ticket registration.

Menus and related dietary information will be displayed each day to accommodate your food restrictions. We will also have a dietary station at the bar area on the second floor foyer. - If you are coeliac, or need to avoid any particular allergen, please come to the dietary station for food.

The Prague Congress Centre (The PCC)

This is the main venue for EuroPython workshops and the main conference (8th - 12th July). The venue is accessible for wheelchair users. Here’s general information on how to get to the venue.

Use Entrance Number 5 to enter the building.

PCC entrances map


Parking at The PCC

PCC parking map

Disabled parking is available at The PCC carpark, please find this information at


Registration will be on the 1st floor

  • Use Entrance Number 5
  • There is a staircase to the left and escalators to the right leading up to the 1st floor. Signage will to show you the way.
  • When you reach 1st floor, Registration Desks will be in front of the cloakroom in the Forum Hall Foyer.

PCC first floor plan

Accessibility inside The PCC

  • The PCC is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Accessible toilet facilities are available.

Tutorials - Club Rooms (1st floor)

PCC first floor plan

Talks, Quiet Rooms and Childcare (2nd floor)

PCC second floor plan

Quiet Room (Meeting 2.2)

  • If you need a quiet space to do some quiet work or just rest a bit, you can find the quiet room on the 2nd floor at Meeting Room 2.2 (past the sponsors area to the left or the long way round using hallways past childcare).

Low stimulation room (South room 243)

  • If you feel overwhelmed and need a quiet space with no distractions, feel free to visit South Room 243 on the 2nd floor. To get there, look for the childcare room and continue through the hallway. It will be one of the doors to your left.
  • In this room, you’ll find a bag with sunglasses, eye masks, and earplugs for your convenience. Please return the sunglasses and eye masks after use. The earplugs are yours to keep.

Neurodiversity bag

We understand that some conference participants can feel overwhelmed by large crowds. To help with this, we’ve prepared a bag full of squishy and plushy items for you to relax during the demanding conference days.

  • Location: The bag is placed at the Info Desk in the Registration area.

  • Contents: The bag contains various items, including fidget toys, squishy toys, and pop-it toys.

  • Usage: Feel free to play and stim with anything you like for as long as you need. We kindly ask that you bring the items back so others can enjoy them as well.


Free childminding is available for attendees, you can request for this free onsite service when you register your ticket. If you have questions, please contact

  • Childcare is on the 2nd floor at South Room 247 + 248.

Accessibility FAQ

This FAQ covers accessibility information for EuroPython. The EuroPython team recognises that accessibility is a continuous process, both systemic and individual.

If you have specific questions or accessibility needs not covered here, please email us at

Q: Allergies

A: Refrain from wearing scents such as perfumes/colognes, scented lotions, clothing with strong detergent scents, etc. Notify us of preventable environmental allergies when purchasing tickets or by email.

Q: Will there be captioning?

A: Unfortunately we do not have captioning during EuroPython.

Q: What about interpreters?

A: We do not plan to have interpreters at the conference unless we are notified by signing attendees. If you have questions, please email us.

Q. Any suggestions/tips as a volunteer MC or Session Chair?

  • Session chairs/room volunteer(s): Let folks know if there’s loud, unexpected noises, strobing/flashing visuals in speakers’ presentations beforehand, content & trigger warnings for any potentially sensitive material
  • MC and volunteers to remind people to applaud.
  • Volunteers to be aware if someone requires designated spaces when they enter the room
  • Able to assist and let folks know where lifts, accessible toilet facilities, childcare, and quiet rooms are.
  • What to do in case of fire alarms, sirens, fireworks, bells, etc. happen during the event, and guide guest safely out of the venue as well as inform updates on the situation


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