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EuroPython 2024 will be held in Prague! We cannot wait to welcome you in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Sitting on the Vltava River, the beautiful historic centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. There’s a LOT to see, do and enjoy, in addition to the conference! The ancient Vyšehrad is just 10-min walk away from the conference venue. Not only is is an ancient fortress, but also a park with a great view of Prague Castle and the river. We hope you enjoy taking a walk with fellow Pythonistas in the tranquil park when you need a bit of peace from the buzz of the conference.

As per EuroPython tradition, we shall walk around, chat, laugh and explore the city together. Whether it is to enjoy the stunning view of the “City of a Hundred Spires” from any (or all!) of the 120+ towers, or standing still to admire the wonder of Prague Astronomical Clock. The only problem is being spoiled for choice!

In addition, Prague has an extensive and modern public transport system; its public transport website will give you all the information you need.

Check out the following resources for some guides to the city:


With an average July high of 25°C, remember to pack your shorts and sandals with your laptop, along with a spirit of adventure to explore one of the most visited and vibrant cities in Europe. Friendly reminder: it might get up to mid 30°C in July🥵 - we recommend packing sunscreen and regular hydration to avoid excessive burning.

Prague Congress Centre - Conference Venue

The Prague Congress Centre is the home of EuroPython in 2024 between 8-14 July.

It’s an important venue, having hosted the IMF, NATO and other significant and powerful international organisations. Now they can add EuroPython to that list! 😛

The conference centre is adjacent to the Vyšehrad - a short walk away from Náplavka, full of cafes, pubs and restaurants, a wonderful area to relax by the river and take in the spirit of the city.

The Vyšehrad station next to the venue on Line C of the Prague underground railway network, also provides convenient access by public transport from the city’s airport and all major rail and bus stations.

Entrance 5

Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s.
140 00 Prague 4, Czechia

Get to the Conference

IMPORTANT: use Entrance 5 of the building to get into the conference.

You can find detailed information on how to get to the conference centre via the venue’s website or with their convenient orientation guide (PDF).

Sprints Venue

Sprints will take place in the Rajska Building (RB), Žižkov Campus, VŠE (Prague University of Economics and Business) is the home of our sprints again this year. More information about the sprints venue and how to get there can be found on the Sprints page.

Getting Around in Prague

Our volunteers have compiled numerous tips and recommendations to make your visit memorable. Head over to our Exploring Prague page and discover hidden gems, local insights, and must-try experiences.


For any COVID related information in Prague, please refer to our dedicated COVID Info section on our FAQ Page and the Czech Government’s COVID information portal.