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Welcome to the 23rd EuroPython. We’re the oldest and longest-running volunteer-led Python programming conference on the planet! Join us in July in the vibrant Bohemian city of Prague. We’ll be together, celebrating our shared passion for Python and its community!

A week of all things Python:

  • Monday & Tuesday, 8 & 9 July: Tutorials & Workshops
  • Wednesday–Friday, 10–12 July: Conference talks & sponsor exhibition
  • Saturday & Sunday, 13 & 14 July: Sprints

Monday & Tuesday, 8 & 9 July

First two days are dedicated to the Tutorials and Workshops.

We start at 9:00 a.m. at the PCC. On the first two days, all activities will take place on the first floor only.

We are hosting 16 tutorials, and two special beginner workshops: Django Girls on Monday and Humble Data on Tuesday.

PyBurger is happening on Monday! We will all meet up at Burgerman & enjoy one of the best burgers in Europe.

Two Summits – C-API Summit on Monday, and WASM Summit on Tuesday.

Keep in mind that in order to attend the Tutorials you need a Tutorial or Combined ticket. Summits and workshops require a separate registration.

Spaces are limited, so act fast. :)

If you are a speaker, we are also hosting a Speaker’s Dinner on Tuesday.

Wednesday–Friday, 10-12 July

After the opening session on Wednesday, we will start with the first of the 6 Keynote talks.

Then, for the next three days, you can enjoy more than 110 Talks running in 6 parallel tracks, and 9 Posters presented during lunch breaks in the expo area.

All the main conference activities occur on those three days. On top of that, you can visit our Sponsor Exhibition and any of the other extra Events, including a Social Event on Thursday.

On Thursday, 11th July we have Pyladies lunch & a range of events aimed at fostering community and empowerment among women in tech. More information can be found here.

On Friday, 12th July we have a Community Organiser’s Lunch that includes an open Space discussion about Python Organisations and how we deal with challenges! You can sign up for the session here.

Set sail on Friday with us for a scenic boat trip to enjoy an evening of networking and relaxation. Make sure to reserve your spot early! Sign-up will be available soon.

Saturday & Sunday, 13 & 14 July

For Saturday and Sunday, we will switch to a different venue: The Rajska Building (RB), Žižkov Campus, VŠE (Prague University of Economics and Business), which is more suitable for Sprints.

As per our tradition, the conference organisers will provide the rooms and facilities, but the sprints are organised by YOU. It is a great chance to contribute to open-source projects large and small, learn from each other, geek out, and have fun.