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Last year, some of us went to this burger place and totally loved it! Thanks to Laís, this year we will go there again, so more of us can enjoy one of the best burger in Europe. If you want to join us, please fill in this form. Please note that this event is not sponsored and you are suppose to pay for your own meal.


  • Date: Monday July 8th
  • Time: starting at 16:00 to 18:00 (we have to seat folks in batches, your time of arrival will be notify to you a day before)
  • Location: M. Horákové 63, Prague, Czech Republic 17000 (20 mins by metro from venue)
  • Menu: check here (one Veggie option available)
  • Payment method: Pay for what you ordered, the restaurant will have 1 bill per table (4-6 people), so I would advise sitting with your friends, one person pay for it and settle it among yourself.

Although tipping is not a common practice in Prague, if you like the service and the burger, feel free to tip the servers as they are a friendly team that accommodate our request.

If we reach maximum capacity, we will close the form early. If you want to come in a group (e.g. bring a partner/ friends, max 6 ppl), please only fill in the form once by one representative: