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Beam me up to the ticket shop!

The What, Where and When of EuroPython 2024

EuroPython 2024 will be held on 8-14 July. In person, it will be held at the Prague Congress Centre (PCC), the Czech Republic. For those who cannot physically join us but still want to support the community, we have the remote ticket option. Without a remote ticket, the recordings will only be available for you at a later date.

The conference will follow this broad plan of events:

  • Two Workshop/Tutorial Days (8-9 July, Mon-Tue)
  • Three Conference Days (10-12 July, Wed-Fri)
  • Sprint Weekend (13-14 July, Sat-Sun)

Ticket Types

We understand attendees have different needs, so we’ve created three types of ticket to give folks maximum flexibility and value for money:

  • Conference Tickets (in-person & remote):
    • In-person: Access to Conference & Sprint Weekend (10-14 July)
      • Limited access to specific sponsored/special workshops during the Workshop/Tutorial Days (8-9 July) are also included.
    • Remote: Remote participation during the Conference Days (10-12 July)
      • Watch the live talks, keynotes & panels in all 6 tracks,
      • Engage in live text-based Q&A,
      • And interact with speakers and in-person attendees in chat channels.
  • Tutorial Tickets: Access to Workshop/Tutorial Days (8-9 July) and the Sprint Weekend (13-14 July), but NOT the main conference (10-12 July).
  • Combined Tickets: Access to everything during the whole seven-day event (8-14 July).

Which Ticket Tier Should I buy?

Each of the three ticket types is available in three payment tiers.

We encourage and trust you to pick a fair ticket tier that fits your personal circumstance. The money you spend will be put straight back into the community to support our diversity initiatives, financial aid programmes and other grants offered to the European Python community.

  • Business Tickets: for attendees whose company/business is paying for them to attend, or if you use Python professionally. As someone with the means to afford this tier you help us keep the conference affordable for everyone. Thank you!
  • Personal Tickets: for those who enjoy Python as a hobbyist or use it as a freelancer.
  • Education Tickets: for students, and teachers working in the education sector (your main employment is at a school, college or university). We subsidise Education Tickets to make it accessible to everyone.

Note: If you need a proper VAT invoice listing your company’s name, please purchase a business ticket. Personal Tickets do not include a company name. We will list the ticket tier and type on your conference badge to accommodate the registration staff.

Ticket Prices

Regular tickets are available until 21 June 2024, after which Late-bird rate applies. We strongly advise and greatly appreciate that you purchase your tickets early, to help us with the planning.

Business Tickets

  • Tutorial Only Business - Net price €400.00 + 21% VAT
  • Conference Only Business - Net price €500.00 + 21% VAT
    • Late-Bird - Net price €750.00 + 21% VAT
  • Combined Business - Net price €800.00 + 21% VAT
    • Late-Bird - Net price €1200.00 + 21% VAT

Personal Tickets

  • Tutorial Only Personal - €200.00 incl. 21% VAT
  • Conference Only Personal - €300.00 incl. 21% VAT
    • Late-Bird - €450.00 incl. 21% VAT
  • Combined Personal - €450.00 incl. 21% VAT
    • Late-Bird - €675.00 incl. 21% VAT

Education Tickets

  • Conference Only Education - €135.00 incl. 21% VAT
  • Tutorial Only Education - €100.00 incl. 21% VAT
  • Combined Education - €210.00 incl. 21% VAT

Education ticket won’t have late bird variants.

Remote Tickets

  • Remote Conference Only Business - 150€
  • Remote Conference Only Personal - 80€

*VAT for Remote Tickets: Remote Tickets are invoiced by the EuroPython Society (the EPS) and taxed in Sweden. Since the the EPS is a tax exempt non-profit, we do not charge VAT on the remote ticket invoices.

Volume Discounts

Is your company attending the conference as a team? We offer the following volume discount:

  • get 5 business tickets of any type for the price of 4
  • get 10 business tickets of any type for the price of 8
  • get 15 business tickets of any type for the price of 11


  • Volume discount will only apply to business tickets.
  • The discount will apply automatically once you have enough items in your basket.
  • If you choose different types of tickets (e.g. Conference Only & Combined) the discount will apply to the item with the lower price.

If you are interested in buying lots of tickets, please consider sponsoring the event! More information can be found on the sponsors page.


Every ticket includes break refreshments and a light lunch for each day.

Free Childcare is available at the conference for those who need it. Please make sure to register a ticket for yourself and select how many children will require childcare at checkout.

We would like to encourage you to book your ticket early. This makes it easier for us to plan for the event and arrange important things like the catering, badge printing, and a million other things you’d never imagine would be involved in organising a conference.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ. If you still have questions, we’re happy to help so don’t hesitate to email our EuroPython Helpdesk (staffed by wonderful volunteers).

Guido van Rossum (GvR) Core Developer | EuroPython Fellow Grant

As part of the GvR grant, we are again offering free combined tickets to Python Core Developers. At EuroPython, let’s celebrate their hard work, exchange ideas, the thoughtful and the fanciful, and say thanks to them in person! We are also offering free combined tickets to all of our EuroPython Fellows, as an appreciation for their major contribution to the past EuroPython conferences and Society.

Please check out our grant page for details on how to apply for the GvR grant or EuroPython Fellow grant.

How can I get a refund?

We understand things can be complicated at times and you may not be able to attend after booking your ticket. Therefore, we aim to offer a full refund of your ticket(s) if your circumstances change. Before 8 June, you can request a full refund from the order details link in your order confirmation email. After the date, please email us at if you need a refund due to special circumstances.