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Speaker Mentorship Programme

As a diverse and inclusive community EuroPython offers support for potential speakers who want help preparing for their contribution. To achieve this, we are running the Speaker Mentorship Programme again.

At the moment we are looking for interested mentors who would like to help our mentees to create their proposals, and if accepted deliver their talk. If you are interested in helping mentees as their mentor please register here

1. [CLOSED] One-to-One Mentorship Programme

Open between 14th - 27th of February 2024

A mentee needing help with their proposal will be matched with an experienced mentor. The mentor’s job is to facilitate and support the mentee so they are able to contribute to EuroPython with confidence. A mentor serves as the guide, supporter and source of help to the mentee; they are not expected to tell the mentee what their contribution should be (that’s for the mentee to decide).


Form closed - Thank you for your contribution!

We expect mentors to have past speaking experience at conferences similar to EuroPython.

For mentors who take on a mentee, we expect you to provide 4 one-hour sessions with your mentee to:

  • Prepare their CFP submission.
  • Review their CFP before submission.
  • If your mentee is selected, help them prepare the talk. Otherwise, help them submit their talk to another meetup/conference should they wish to.
  • Help your mentee rehearse for their talk.

You will also be invited to join the panel of the Webinar Workshops.


Form closed - Looking forward to your proposals!

If you require help contributing to EuroPython, especially if you are from an underrepresented or a marginalised group in the tech industry, you are welcome to submit your application once the form is opened and become a mentee.

2. Workshops

[COMPLETED] First-Time Speaker Workshop - Monday, 3rd June, 19:00 CEST

Thank you, everyone who joined the session! You can view the recording of the session here:

[COMPLETED] Ask Me Anything about CFP Workshop - Monday, 26 February, 18:30 CET

Thank you, everyone who joined the session with your questions! You can view the recording of the session here: