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A Tour of Synchronization Primitives in Python

45 minutes


Whether using threads or task-based event loops, running code concurrently is not without its challenges. This talk takes a look at the features provided by the Python programming language to solve problems of synchronization when dealing with concurrently executing code.

Together we will take a look at the synchronization classes and functions provided by the Python threading and asyncio modules, what problems they aim to solve, and how we might use them effectively in our own code.

The speaker



Hi, I’m Zach.

I’ve been working professionally as a software developer for the last few years and have been having an enormous amount of fun while doing it! Whether its working on larger systems, network or IoT based systems or simple utility scripts, there’s always something new one can learn.

Like many, I enjoy getting into the details of systems, really trying to understand what makes them tick.

Looking forward to EuroPythin2024!