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Behind the Scenes of an Ads Prediction System

30 minutes


In this era of rapid technological advancement and AI, Ad prediction systems stand at the forefront of shaping online advertising, significantly impacting how content reaches its intended audience. In this session, I’ll introduce the Ads prediction system from a user and algorithm view. We’ll then walk through key concepts like targeting, bidding, ad ranking, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate. We’ll deeply dive into connecting the dots, designing an ad prediction system, some ethical considerations, models, offline and online metrics, scaling and deployment decisions that enable handling high volumes of data and requests efficiently, and some case studies. At the end of this session, attendees will comprehensively understand the end-to-end process of developing an ads prediction system.

The speaker

Bunmi Akinremi

Bunmi Akinremi

Bunmi Akinremi is a Microsoft Certified AI Engineer and seasoned Machine Learning Engineer with a thriving career in the advertising industry at Kochava. She has been in the space for 4+ years and has made impactful contributions across agriculture, finance, and journalism domains.

Currently driving innovation at Kochava, Bunmi’s work involves building robust model deployment pipelines and enhancing ML systems to make data-driven choices for clients. Aside from work, she actively participates in hackathons as they are an exciting way to collaborate and learn new tools.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Bunmi’s contributions to the community are equally impressive. As a mentor, tutor, and community leader, Bunmi has fostered a thriving environment for learning and innovation, empowering women professionals and AI enthusiasts. Whether leading groundbreaking projects, sharing knowledge, or contributing to community growth, she always looks for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.