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Building Event-Driven Python service using FastStream and AsyncAPI

Python Libraries & Tooling
Terrace 2B
14:35 on 12 July 2024
30 minutes


In this talk, we dive into the world of Event Driven Architecture and Message Streaming, using Python and FastStream.

You’ll learn to integrate FastStream, a python framework, into your projects and leverage AsyncAPI to define contracts for asynchronous communication and event streaming. Through practical examples and insights, you’ll discover the art of building scalable, responsive Python applications that thrive in real-time environments.

About AsyncAPI

AsyncAPI is an open standard/specification and growing set of open-source tools to help developers define, build, and maintain asynchronous APIs and Event-Driven Architectures. It describes message-driven APIs in a machine-readable format, and is protocol-agnostic.

About FastStream

FastStream is a powerful and easy-to-use Python framework for building asynchronous services interacting with event streams such as Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS and Redis. FastStream simplifies the process of writing producers and consumers for message queues, handling all the parsing, networking and documentation generation automatically. FastStream provides unified API across multiple brokers, built-in Pydantic validations, automatic AsyncAPI documentation, FastAPI like Dependency Injection System, built-in support for test and extensions.

The speaker

Abhinand C

Abhinand C

Abhinand C is a Product Engineer at Strollby, UST who loves to experiment with tech and build products for crafting a brighter future. At UST, he works on developing and scaling Python-based GraphQL micro-services. Beyond the office, Abhinand actively volunteers with Kerala Police Cyberdome & Trivandrum Python Community. He also nurtures personal hobby projects, and contributes to the open-source community. He even had the privilege of delivering talks at renowned conferences like EuroPython 2023, PyCon India, PyCon Thailand.