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How to deliver 3x faster with effective API design

30 minutes


In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to deliver new features quickly is crucial for product-oriented companies. In this talk, we’ll dive into architectural patterns that optimize the delivery of multiple client implementations in complex client-server architectures.

The advent of the mobile age has dramatically altered the landscape of typical client-server models. Delivering a new feature on multiple platforms is complicated and time-consuming because it requires several engineering teams to communicate extensively and separately code and test the same feature in different languages for each platform. Let’s see how architectural patterns known as Backend for Frontend (BFF) and Server-driven UI can help with solving these challenges and what the limitations are. We’ll explore Python optimizations, caching strategies, and SQLAlchemy preloading techniques, which were crucial to the success of the case study I will share.

This talk aims to provide you with an overview of useful architectural patterns, insights on how to implement and optimize them in Python, and strategies to make your product managers happy by shortening your time to production.

The speaker

Michal Cyprian

Michal Cyprian

I’m Michal, an Engineering Lead at, a leading global travel tech company headquartered in the Czech Republic. I am passionate about solving challenging business problems using the latest technology and leading engineering teams. The combination of my engineering and leadership skills enables me to do what I enjoy most—learning new technologies and sharing insights with fellow engineers. Additionally, I am involved in organizing ‘KEtchUp,’ which are regular community meetups for developers in Košice, Slovakia. As one of the organizers responsible for the content, I contribute to enhancing the knowledge-sharing in the engineering community.