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Maths in Motion: Python-Powered Modelling for Real-World Phenomena

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Club B
13:45 on 09 July 2024
180 minutes


Dive into the realm of mathematical modeling in this hands-on workshop, where numbers unlock insights into disease spread, weather patterns, and financial behaviors. Tom and Gurjot lead a journey spanning Classical Physics, Mathematical Biology, Finance, and Chaos Theory.

From tweaking Mechanics models for surprising outcomes to tracking infectious diseases like COVID-19, each segment offers engaging examples, and an opportunity to understand the uses and applications of calculus and differential equations through the lens of Python.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike, Tom and Gurjot are experienced at using Python for mathematical modelling and are ready to give their thoughts and answer questions, however simple or advanced. Gurjot shares firsthand knowledge from the finance world, unveiling the intricate models shaping modern markets. Tom brings his experience from weather, climate and energy, exploring Chaos Theory’s role in weather prediction, and demonstrating tools for understanding atmospheric dynamics.

This interactive session isn’t just about learning—it’s about empowerment. Armed with Python skills and a deeper understanding of mathematical models, participants gain the confidence to explore further, starting with the notebooks we have refined and expanded for EuroPython 2024.

Join this journey of discovery, where mathematics meets real-world challenges, and Python becomes your toolkit for exploration.

[Link to Jupyter notebooks:]

The speakers

Gurjot Singh

Gurjot Singh

Gurjot is a Quantitative Developer/ Researcher based in London. He currently works as Quantitative Strat in Deutsche Bank. Gurjot’s primary expertise is in Python, Mathematical Modelling and C++ and he has over 9 years of experience in the field having previously worked for JPMorgan and start-ups.

Gurjot did his undergraduate degree from IIT Jodhpur and has been coding in Python since his college days.

When he is not working, he enjoys playing hockey and is passionate about cooking Indian food and teaching Mathematics.

Thomas Gregory

Thomas Gregory

Late-stage PhD student at Imperial. I specialise in designing and solving mathematical models efficiently. Feel free to ask me about how high-performance computing and open source code are being used in meteorology (weather/climate) and magnetohydrodynamics (plasma/fusion)! Passionate about bridging the gap between abstract math and practical coding.

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