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Neurodiversity in the IT industry. Why DO you need to know more about it?

Education, Community & Diversity
South Hall 2A
14:00 on 12 July 2024
30 minutes


Imagine discovering that your brain is equipped in a niche operation system, a one that occurs only in 10-15% of brains. No wonder the standard software does not suit your hardware and you keep encountering difficult situations… Once you discover it is just software incompatibility and you update the right app versions, the world starts being more comfortable! Unfortunately, few apps only have adapted versions. It is estimated that neuroatypical people constitute even up to 15-20% of the population. According to “the geek syndrome hypothesis” - autism, but also ADHD are likely to be common in people working in the IT industry. Neurodivergent people have a chance to become wonderful specialists and bring variety to the team thanks to a slightly different perception, special interests or ability to hyperfocus. Their presence can help introduce better practices such as clear communication and transparency. On the other hand, they are at risk of having various troubles in the world adapted to the neurotypical folk. The author will present the current state of science on neurodiversity, the challenges faced by neurodivergent IT specialists and possible improvements to make the workplace more inclusive for everyone. As a neurodivergent advocate, an IT professional and a biologist with scientific mindset, she will combine her own life and career experience as a neuroatypical person with psychological knowledge which will create a unique perspective. The goal is to prove that neuroatypical people constitute a large part of the IT community and that even small actions can help meet their needs - and not only make their life easier, but also add more creativity to IT teams!

The speaker

Amelia Walter-Dzikowska

Amelia Walter-Dzikowska

QA & test automation engineer, trainer, mentor, speaker & social media content creator. Currently -integration tester in a large banking project at Jit Team. So far she has worked in three human languages (Polish, English, French), with three different programming languages and in approximately ten projects for various industries. A multipotentialite fascinated by numerous topics, a tester of various learning methods loving to share her experiences. A neurodiversity advocate, an aspiring polyglot, a fan of psychology and dance.