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Python Observability Perfected: Advanced Techniques with OpenTelemetry

30 minutes


In the evolving landscape of serverless and cloud technologies, Python stands out as a key player for building microservices. Yet, as these systems grow, tracking their performance and catching bugs become increasingly complex.

This presentation introduces OpenTelemetry, a rising standard that equips us with tools to monitor not just Python code but also vital components like databases and message queues. It’s designed to blend seamlessly with Python, offering a unified method to collect, process, and share telemetry data across different parts of a distributed system.

This talk starts by discussing the importance of observability in modern distributed environments. Then, we’ll dive into OpenTelemetry, focusing on its Python SDK’s basics. We’ll walk through a hands-on example, showing how to integrate OpenTelemetry into a Python project for automated and manual tracking.

Finally, we’ll explore how to leverage the insights gained from OpenTelemetry for more effective system monitoring, ensuring smoother operation and easier troubleshooting.

The speaker

Anton Caceres

Anton Caceres

I’m a passionate Python developer and event organizer, running a software agency in Munich. With a history of organizing PyCons and leading the PyMunich meetup, I’m also proud to be a Python Software Foundation fellow. My journey is all about continuous learning and knowledge sharing.