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RPA, TDD, and Embedded: A world glued together with Python!

Testing and QA
South Hall 2A
15:30 on 11 July 2024
30 minutes


Do you know what RPA means? Or TDD? Or “embedded”? At least, for sure, you know what Python is 😉.

”RPA” stands for “Robotic Process Automation”, whereas “TDD” stands for “Test Driven Development”. Those words usually refer to either the testing process or the automation of it. In the embedded world - the microcontroller one - it is usually easy to test features unitarily, but hard to test them working within a bigger system.

Therefore… What is this everything about? In this talk Robot Framework is introduced as the tool to integrate almost everything! Firstly, Robot Framework is introduced: Explain its purpose, semantics, basic writing, etc. Then, we will dig a little into it and how to maximize its potential by tweaking the internal libraries and writing our own ones. Next, we will simulate a real embedded device which we require some integration testing: Exchange some messages, evaluate an external request, etc. And finally, we will glue all this together with Robot Framework!

Sounds interesting, right? Jump into this initialization talk for you to get introduced - or acquire more knowledge - into the embedded and testing world.

The speaker

Javier Alonso

Javier Alonso

I am a passionate Computer Engineer always learning new things! I started in this world almost 7 years ago and I am glad I can work on the thing that I love.

I am a Python Supporter, actively working in Python Spain. Organizer of the PyConES 2023/2024 editions, collaborator on the PyConES 2022.