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State-of-the-art image generation for the masses with Diffusers

45 minutes


The talk “State-of-the-art image generation for the masses with Diffusers” will explore the diverse applications of the open-source Python library Diffusers in the image and video generation space. The talk will showcase how Diffusers, based on diffusion models, enables fast and high-quality image and video generation, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The presentation will cover various use cases, including image inpainting, image editing, and scene composition, demonstrating the capabilities of Diffusers in enabling users to create and edit photo-realistic images with minimum effort. The audience will gain insights into the potential of Diffusers in revolutionizing the way images and videos are generated and edited, making it a must-attend session for anyone interested in the latest advancements in this field.

The speaker

Sayak Paul

Sayak Paul

Sayak works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face. He is responsible for maintaining the Diffusers library, training and babysitting diffusion models, and contributing to the impactful ideas in the space. Off the work, he can been caught binging Suits for the n-th time.