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Python Libraries & Tooling
Exhibit Hall
13:00 on 10 July 2024
60 minutes


The new pyproject.toml file gains in popularity. Together with it, some changed to existing packaging tools are happening, especially to setuptools and distutils. The first one is moving away from support, and the other one was removed from stdlib and merged into the setuptools itself.

But that change isn’t scary or bad! Come to my poster and I’ll show you how you can migrate away from while still using setuptools like nothing ever changed!

The speaker

Piotr Gnus

Piotr Gnus

I’m a Python developer with a high experience in web frameworks, database ORMs and creating various APIs. Through my career I worked in various interesting industries, including some work for travel agencies, online gambling sites, creating point of sales and cash registers as well as “in person” payment processing. Enjoying various Python conferences across Europe since 2015 and EuroPython since 2022. Outside working hours I’m also interested in security engineering and I’m a (slightly retired) member of a CTF team.