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Justine Wezenaar

Justine Wezenaar


Justine Wezenaar is a Software Engineering Team Lead for Bloomberg’s ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Quant team, which owns the implementation and maintenance of the firm’s quantitative parametric scoring models. She took a less-traditional route to Software Engineering, studying mathematics and theoretical physics at McGill University, then working as a data scientist for a healthtech startup in her hometown Halifax, Canada before joining Bloomberg Engineering in New York City in 2018. Before joining the ESG team in 2022, Justine was on the quant engineering team for Bloomberg’s Evaluated Pricing (BVAL) product, where she worked on pricing models for mortgage-backed securities. In her role, her team builds systems which must satisfy both the performance and reliability requirements of Engineering, while also remaining sufficiently flexible and agile to accommodate the Research and Product teams’ responses to the dynamic ESG market landscape.

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