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Martina Guttau-Zielke

Martina Guttau-Zielke


Born in 1987 I grew up in Germany raised by a single, unemployed mother, without any educational background or wealth. Regardless, my mother put a lot of effort into my education, even as we struggled financially, and I was able to attend university and study law in 2009. Besides studying I committed to honorary posts at the European Law Students’ Association and cared for my mother, who became ill. I even had to take a two-year-break from university to tend to her and go working at a hairdresser’s in full employment. Shortly before I could write my final exams, I gave birth to my first child in 2017 and to the second one in 2020. I stayed home a while and restarted university in September 2023. My key area of focus is Media Law, which includes the areas of IT, Data Security, Intellectual Property and many more. Other than my studies and my little goblin children, my hobbies include reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy), pen and paper rpg, watching Buffy for the umphthousandth time, sewing and the dream of someday exercising martial arts again.

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Georg August University Göttingen