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Sviatoslav Sydorenko (Святослав Сидоренко)

Sviatoslav Sydorenko (Святослав Сидоренко)


🖥️ Hey, I’m Sviat — a serial maintainer of and contributor to open source software. 👨‍💻 🌄 By day, I’m a Principal Software Engineer at Ansible Core Team. 🌅 🌇 By night, I’m involved in maintaining CherryPy and doing CI/CD for aio-libs/aiohttp along with various related contributions mostly to Python projects and its ecosystem. I’m also a PyPA member, author of the blessed pypi-publish GitHub Action and one of the maintainers of the Python Packaging User Guide. 🌆

My ongoing interest is GitHub Apps, Actions, bots and related things using their shiny new APIs. I’m at the beginning of crafting a framework for that currently.

I’m proficient with Python Packaging and setting up CI/CD in open source projects at scale.

This is me.


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