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Async Await: Mastering Python's Time-Bending Tricks

Python Internals & Ecosystem
Forum Hall
12:30 on 12 July 2024
30 minutes


Unlock the secrets of Python’s async and await—tools that let you bend time itself! In this talk, we’ll dive into the magic of asynchronous programming, making your code faster and more efficient.

Learn to handle I/O-bound tasks like a pro, juggle multiple operations without breaking a sweat, and impress your peers with your newfound time-warping skills. Perfect for those ready to level up from mere mortals to Python sorcerers.

People of all levels of experience are welcome, only requirement is curiosity and enthusiasm :) Join us, and let’s make time our playground!

The speaker

Bojan Miletic

Bojan Miletic

Hi, I help AI/ML companies and their AI/data scientists turn ML models from the data lab into PoCs, MVPs, or fully functional products that convincingly prove their value to investors and other important decision-makers.

By using #Python and #AWS as superpowers, I help you get real business value from your ML algorithms.

And I happily consult your AI scientists on how to write clean, reusable code in Python and thus save thousands (or even millions) on ML-based software deployment and development.