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Descriptors - Understanding and Modifying Python's Attribute Access

180 minutes


Descriptors are advanced Python features. While it is possible to write Python programs without active knowledge of them, knowing more about them facilitates a deeper understanding of the language. With examples, you will learn how they work and how to write your own descriptors. Furthermore, you will understand when to use and when better not to use them.

This tutorial is a systematic introduction to descriptors. It covers all relevant information with a focus on practical applications for common tasks.

In hand-on sessions you will learn how to write your own descriptors that adapt attribute access to your needs. Use cases provide working code that can serve as a basis for your own solutions. You will gain a deeper understanding of more advanced concepts that can help to write better programs.

The speaker

Mike Müller

Mike Müller

I’ve been teaching Python courses since 2004. According to my statistics, I’ve taught at least 541 Python courses totaling 1372 teaching days as of February 2024. These courses include 27 tutorials at PyCon US as well as numerous tutorials at EuroPython, EuroSciPy, PyCon DE, PyCon PL, PyCon IE, PyCon AsiaPacific as well as at PyData London and Berlin. In total I about 60 tutorials at Python conferences.