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Humble Data

Conference Workshop
Club C
09:30 on 09 July 2024
360 minutes


Are you a complete beginner to coding, but would love to learn how to get started? Have you been curious about data science, but feel overwhelmed with all the talk of AI? Many people working in data science were once in the same position and know how hard it is to take those first steps.

The speaker

Jodie Burchell

Jodie Burchell

Dr. Jodie Burchell is the Developer Advocate in Data Science at JetBrains, and was previously a Lead Data Scientist at Verve Group Europe. After finishing a PhD in Psychology and a postdoc in biostatistics, she has worked in a range of data science and machine learning roles across natural language processing, search improvement, recommendation systems, and programmatic advertising. She is passionate about making Python data science and machine learning accessible for others. She is also a long time content creator in data science, across conference and user group presentations, books, webinars, and blogging.