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I reverse engineered a work of art, and this is what I learned

Arts, Crafts Culture & Demos
Terrace 2B
16:05 on 10 July 2024
30 minutes


This is the story of a weekend project which turned into a months long challenge. After coming across a photorealistic painting made entirely out of strings, I wanted to create one on my own. But how? I decided to reverse engineer the algorithm that computes which strings to stretch and in which order.

In this talk, I will show how I created a Python algorithm that produces a beautiful work of art. I will cover topics such as greedy algorithms, image processing, color spaces, performance optimization and many other challenges that I encountered while cracking the algorithm. And of course, I’ll show the resulting work of art!

The speaker

Yair Galler

Yair Galler

Yair is a tech lead at Next Insurance, an insurtech startup. At Next, he translates the complex world of insurance into reliable, elegant code. He also has a passion for developer productivity, constantly working on improving methods and tooling.

In his previous roles he was an engineering team lead and software architect at several early and mid-stage startups. He has development experience in a wide range of field including devops, data engineering, backend as well as frontend systems.