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Intellectual Property Law 101

30 minutes


“Oh, legal is boring,” most developer community thinks in this line. Yes, it is boring, but it is essential at the same time. We will demystify certain basic legal concepts the developers need to know to secure them, their code, and, most importantly, the consequences of their steps. I will go through three fundamental pillars of Intellectual property laws: Trademark, Copyright, and Patent. The talk will include real-life examples of applying all of the above. This talk targets developers and not legal experts.

The speaker

Anwesha Das

Anwesha Das

Anwesha is a Master of Laws by education and a technologist by passion.She is a fellow at the Python Software Foundation and the Release Manager of Ansible. She works as a Software Engineer with the Ansible Engineering team at Red Hat. She led PyLadies efforts in India and now is an organizer at PyLadies Stockholm. You can follow her blog at