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Keeping your projects nice and clean

30 minutes


Keeping your projects nice and clean helps other to understand your code better and it’s crucial when you’re working in teams of more than a few people. How do you achieve that?

I’ll talk about selected quality control tools, autoformatters, CI, but also about conventions, review process and other details of how we tackle this problem in my workplace. I’ll discuss how to introduce changes gradually and keep your repository style and quality checks in sync, even when you have dozens of them. And also about what happens when you overdo it and the tools that should make your life easier actually turn into the torturing machine.

The speaker

Jan Musílek

Jan Musílek

I’ve gained my degree in Theoretical Computer Science on Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. Currently I work as a Senior Python Developer at CZ.NIC, taking care of .cz domain registry and its ecosystem. I’ve been programming for almost 20 years, 7 of those as a proffesional Python developer. I’m a Linux and FOSS enthusiast and I like to submit PRs to open source projects whenever possible. In my free time, I do enjoy practicing partner acrobatics.