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Learning to code in the age of AI

45 minutes


Across the industry, programmers of all levels are embracing AI and LLMs. But: it’s still worthwhile to learn the foundations of coding. And there’s a risk: some learners are using AIs as footguns and limiting their own growth

The speaker

Sheena O'Connell

Sheena O'Connell

I’ve been programming in some form since my early teens. After high school, I went on to get an Honors degree in electrical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. I’ve always been drawn to software development and to teaching. I worked for a string of startups and gained a lot of experience in all aspects of software development, from requirements gathering and UX design to implementation, deployment, and monitoring.

I am currently the CTO of Umuzi. Our purpose is to reduce social inequality in Africa through digital education. Through my work at Umuzi, I have been able to dive into my multiple passions and develop a lot of skills at the intersection of tech and education.