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Multimedia processing with FFMpeg and Python

30 minutes


Multimedia processing can be very complex, especially if you want to handle most of the available codecs and formats. Fortunately, we have FFMpeg - a “complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video”. It is a great tool, but its CLI is quite complex and challenging to master unless you use it on a daily basis. During this talk, I will tell you what FFmpeg is and how to use it in Python without hurting yourself.

The speaker

Michał Rokita

Michał Rokita

Michał is a proficient Python developer specializing in web development for the last seven years, during which he focused on developing scalable services with Django, Flask, and, more recently - Starlette and FastAPI.

He is pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology. He also explored Distributed Systems Engineering at TU Dresden through a student exchange program. Michał is one of the organizers of PyCon PL.