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PEP 639 - Towards licensing standardization in Python packaging

Python Libraries & Tooling
South Hall 2A
12:30 on 11 July 2024
30 minutes


Declaring license metadata in Python packaging has got many pitfalls. The current standard doesn’t meet the needs of the wider public, including downstream packagers (e.g. Linux distributions). Trove classifiers are all but precise. Every build backend comes up with its own idea how to fill in the data in pyproject.toml or their custom formats. It comes hardly as a surprise that there’s an existing attempt to fix the landscape with standardization: PEP 639. In my talk I’ll outline what the proposal is about and how it’s been developing over the years. I’ll summarize the current state and the next steps. This includes the introduction of SPDX expresssion syntax, changes to the project metadata declaration, changes to the core metadata, improved glossary and some more.

The speaker

Karolina Surma

Karolina Surma

It all started with a PyLadies Python course in 2017 and I’ve been active in the Czech Python community ever since. After the beginner’s course I got hooked into programming, learned the basics of Linux, and got impressed with the open-source project development. With that I could kickstart my career in IT: first as QA, now as a software engineer working with open-source software. Outside the world of IT, I like watching herbs grow, going on long hikes, dreaming of a better world and, on unrelated manner, reading fiction.