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Tackling Thread Safety in Python

30 minutes


Thread safety is often overlooked when we start with Python for developing simple scripts. But the hidden monster will be unleashed when we try to run non-thread safe code in a multithreaded setup.

We will discuss the problems which can happen when seemingly good code is run in a multithreaded environment. We will walk over the concept of race coditions, how Python’s GIL currently affects multithreading and will cover steps to fix thread unsafe code using synchronization primitives.

The speakers

Adarsh Divakaran

Adarsh Divakaran

Adarsh is a Python geek and an experienced Backend Developer with expertise in building APIs using Python. While in college, he co-founded multiple startups, one of which was incubated by Startup Village Collective and seed-funded by Kerala Startup Mission. He got the opportunity to pitch his idea at Facebook HQ in Silicon Valley.

Adarsh started his Speaker journey by presenting at GraphQL Summit ‘22 and has presented at various Python conferences including Pycascades, Europython, and Flaskcon.

Explore his professional journey and insights on his personal website and blog