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The PyArrow revolution in Pandas

30 minutes


Pandas has long used NumPy for its back-end storage. But things are changing, and the future of Pandas will likely be tied closely with PyArrow. What are Arrow and PyArrow? How do they affect Pandas users today, and how will they affect us in the future? In this talk, I introduce PyArrow, tell you what it does, how we can already use it in our Pandas work, and whether that’s a good idea.

The speaker

Reuven M. Lerner

Reuven M. Lerner

Reuven is a full-time instructor in Python and Pandas, in business since 1995. He teaches at companies around the world, offers video courses, and writes books — most recently, Python Workout and Pandas Workout, both published by Manning. He writes about Python for his “Better Developers” newsletter, and poses Pandas puzzles based on current events in “Bamboo Weekly.”