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Automate Your Kitchen with Python & Applied AI

PyData: Deep Learning, NLP, CV
North Hall
15:30 on 10 July 2024
30 minutes


Ever wished you had a smart fridge that both lists and alerts you with ingredients you have, to waste less food and make the best use of what you have through ingredient-recipe match?

Bingo then that I’ll share the story behind the creation of a Python-powered solution that maximizes ingredient usage, minimizes food waste by keeping track of your ingredients and streamlines the cooking process.😊💪

Let’s explore together, how snapping a photo of your fridge to generating recipe suggestions based on available ingredients, this project embodies the creativity, problem-solving, and excitement inherent in project development.

Join me as I recount the challenges, and lessons learned along the way, highlighting the transformative impact of project development on skill enhancement and contribution to boost the ways we think as developers. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a curious novice, this talk offers valuable insights into the joys and rewards of turning ideas into reality through coding.

The speaker

Sena Sahin

Sena Sahin

Hello! I’m Sena, a recurring attendee of the EuroPython conference ❤️ I’m currently working as a Data and Analytics Dev at SAP. I did my Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Data Science. I’m interested in Edge AI applications and Applied AI projects! Eager to meet and learn from all the exciting Python enthusiasts at EP 2024!