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Writing Python like it's Rust - more robust code with type hints

Software Engineering & Architecture
Forum Hall
14:00 on 10 July 2024
30 minutes


Using type hints in Python has many advantages, some of which might not be obvious at first. We will see that it allows us to explicitly encode invariants in our code, which reduces the amount of tests that we need to write, it improves development speed and maintainability, and perhaps most importantly, it can give us more confidence that our code does what we expect it to do.

We will also go through code examples that will show us how to leverage typing in Python to design APIs that cannot be easily misused, to create robust programs that we can trust.

Audience members are expected to be able to read and understand Python code.

The speaker

Jakub Beránek

Jakub Beránek

I’m currently trying to finish a PhD. in High-Performance Computing at the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre. I also teach various programming subjects at the VSB-TUO university in Ostrava and I’m a passionate open-source contributor, primarily to the Rust compiler and its ecosystem, where I’m a member of several Rust development teams.